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Safe and Profitable Investments

The Better Way to Save & Invest

Atabay Holding streamlines the attainment of financial objectives through streamlined savings and investment processes. Our tailored investment strategies span various risk classes, ensuring a profitable future.

  • Profitable to invest and Handy to manage
  • Highest Returns on Investments
  • Best investment solutions for all financial needs

Tailored Solutions for All Requirements

Our comprehensive investments solutions are designed to meet a range of requirements.

Investment Funds

  • Investment strategies span various risk classes
  • Monthly Avg Return 1.46%

Brokerage Firm

  • Licensed brokerage firm in Europe
  • Invest Stocks and Currencies

E-Money Instit.

  • Modern banking solution
  • Spending with crypto and regular currency

Toprak Waves

  • Tax consultancy in the maritime industry
  • Comprehensive support